Play MP4 files or stream HTTP in Lovelace

That I need to remedy with a plugin. Should work out of the box but guess not true.

For better rtsp support streamedian.js is another option.

I’ll have to try to figure that out. My rtsp streams aren’t working as is.

content: |
  <video id=vid1 class="video-js" width=400 height=240 controls autoplay=true>
      src="rtsp://user:[email protected]/live"
  <script> var player = videojs('vid1'); player.logo({
    image: ''
  });; </script>
title: Test Tube
type: 'custom:html-card'

also tried type="application/rtsp"

I’m interested in this for surveillance camera, but my thinking is that this requires the camera to output its stream in HLS format (based on the .m3u8 extension). Correct?


I encounter strange fenomena: I did manage to make video working at my laptop and Android device from the browser, but HA App (android, samr device) does not play it. Do you know the qure for that?

anyone made this work with an RTSP source?

Interesting but it seems that it does only work locally, right ? I would like to play a MP4 from media browser (not only locally), any idea how do achieve that, please?

Thanks for this article, I’ve managed to insert a weather radar video, but unfortunately in fully kiosk browser / android devices video does not start automatically. Does anyone found solution to this?