Playstation 4/PS4 custom component

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The PS4 component seems to run fine for a couple of days, then it logs this message a couple of times every minute.

Any idea how to avoid and fix this?


Hi Roland,

Unfortunately not. I’ve focussed on other thing last few weeks, so i’ll give it a try soon. Keep you posted!


I am adding the art work manually now, by adding a .jpg picture of a game to the www/games folder in hassio. Works fine for now, automatic art work would be great.


Can you turn on or off the Playstation when you see this error message ?
I have encountered the same issue too. In my case, my router is to blame : my Raspberry Pi can’t discover the PS4. Using the ssh interface, the Raspberry pi couldn’t ping the PS4. I had to manually add an ARP entry in the Raspberry pi, and it fixed the issue.


Can you post a semaple of how you do the local file for the img?


Does anyone know if there is a way to automatically login with a defined user ? With this custom component, my PS4 turns on but waits on the user selection on the login screen. Is there a way to bypass that ? I don’t need to do that when I manually turn on my PS4 or use the PS4 second screen app.


Google search is your friend:


Thanks for your answer, but my PS4 is already configured to automatically sign me in (only user) when the system is switched on. As said in my previous post, it does sign me in when I manually power on the PS4, or use the PS4 second screen app to turn it on.
However, when I use the HomeAssistant component, the system turns on but it asks me to press the “PS” button of the remote, and then choose the user.



Awesome work @Ktnrg45