Plex media_player.play_media call to play Live TV channel from tuner

Does anyone know if it’s possible to call the plex play media service to play a live TV channel from the Live TV & DVR within Plex that is only available if you add a OTA or cable card tuner to your Plex server? I’ve tried a few different things, but haven’t been able to figure it out.

Here’s what the plex player state looks like when playing a Live TV Channel.

I tried to call a similar show using the following parameters from the state information above.

However, I’m getting a couple errors such as it not being able to find the library “Live TV”. BTW, I’ve tried a few different combinations of media content id parameters so the error messages may look different than the service I showed.

Does anyone know how to do this or if it’s not possible to do?


Sorry it’s not currently possible. I haven’t looked into the underlying API, but it’s definitely different for live TV and DVR. I guess this is now a feature request.


Thanks for letting me know the current status. I would certainly use this if it was available so I would like it as a feature. Would you prefer I open up a feature request on github for it? Also if there’s any testing or anything needed for it, I’d be happy to help since I’m not sure who all has a tuner to test with.

+1 For this feature

+1 for this feature, though I’m sure it’s pretty niche. I’m trying to set up a morning routine that involves telling plex to start playing the local news station on my apple tv.

+1 this would be very useful

+1 on this, please

+1, interested

It would be super nice to be able to automate our news cast to play at various times throughout the day. Maybe we should all chip in and create a feature bounty? Assuming there’s avenues for such things

This would be great to automate tuning to channel! +1

+1 for me. Thanks.

+1 for me. Thanks.

I did this by using Roku button presses. Obviously won’t work if you don’t have a Roku but works great for me.

Edit: The Roku integration doesn’t support setting a timed delay command.