POE Replacement for Sonoff SV

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I use Sonoff SV’s for garage and gate motors, they work ok but you always have the unreliability of a WiFI connection in a hugely congested area.
Are there any alternatives that use ethernet and are preferably POE powered?

Yep, this thread. TL;DR esp32 with inbuilt POE ethernet and esphome

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Thank you. Looks a little alpha, but ill keep an eye on it.

There are lots of eBay relay boards out there for <$20, and you could pair with a PoE adapter to supply them with power.
Such as this one:

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OK, but then how would one get this to interface with HA? I’m pretty familiar with Tasmota but I dont think that this will be possible here.

Depending on the seller it might come with a link to software, or you may just have to Google it (there is a part number on the board, something like SR-201, I’m not at home right now). It switches with TCP packets. So you’d use the Telnet Switch:

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