Poer thermostat/heating control integration in HomeAssistant

I’m also interested, if you have any updates please share it.

I am also interested… I allready wrote 15x to support of Poer smart and they said me that nobody want it. That i can pay that him this integration:D

I am also interested and noticed in resent update from Poer smart, gateway integration with Amazon Alexa is supported. It seems their open for third party integrations

I’m very interested to configure this thermostat with Home Assistant, here the link of the company and the product with receiver and gateway:

Poer can be integrated with Google Assistant. Node-RED (https://flows.nodered.org/node/node-red-contrib-google-smarthome) can control smart home devices via Google Assistant.
I just found it…

Thank you for the info!
Doing this I will have the Poer devices in Home Assistant? Poer can be added to Google assistant, and you can control it from Google but what I’m looking os something like Sonoff switch that are integrated into Home Assistant like a entity.

I also want to say that I’m just landing to the home assistant world, so maybe I’m missing some knowledge!!

I have wrote to them countless times with the same effect. They are not interested in giving access to their api. Previously I was able to use their api to control the thermostats via this HA but they have changed authorization in their API :frowning:

I made the same via generic thermostat, but it’s not really reliable - sometimes it doesn’t change state via the Google home.

Thank you for the info! Let’s see if someone can help on this!

I am also interested if POER devices can be integrated

Hi I’m also interested. Since two days ago I was able to get data from their endpoint open.poersmart.com but now it return 403 error.
I write to their mail if it is possible to have public API or home assistant integration.

Another way can be to understand what endpoint the actual app use…

Why we not cooperate together on this task??

I write a messages on their WhatsApp at +86-15757611575 and they say Home Assistant is supported and the instructions are in the other services section of App. But I not find home assistant just Alexa and Google Assistant.
Do you find Home Assistant??

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Now they answer me it write wrong information the support is just for Alexa and Google Assistant. Please write to the number and ask about add support to Home Assistant. They ask me if there is request to add Home Assistant support and if there are people who use Home Assistant. So please write hoping they add support

@Dmitry_Skurikhin please can you explain me how do you do?

Are you writing about mqtt access?

Mqtt is accessible at open.poersmart.com:1883
If you use Mqtt Explorer you can read all topics but the data are unreadable…

I know that. Some time ago I was analyzing this data in HexEditor. It is possible to locate the gateway IP address in the local network, the number of devices and their MAC addresses. But the rest of the data is still unreadable.

So finally there is no way to use the poersmart with HA?? And trying to reverse engineering the android app? I think is flutter app

It encrypted , i think. It any web interface, or only android app?

No just android app and Alexa and Google Assistant integration. I’m thinking if is possible to get data from Google Assistant like Google Home app do.
In Google Home app I’m able to view the thermostat temperature and humidity… so if there are some Google Smart Home API we can get data from it, but I not find anything

I have write them on WhatsApp to ask for HA integration.

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