Polar plot of the Sun, Moon, a few planets, and the solstices

No matproplib error in the log.

sorry my mistype matplotlib.

Sorry the install is complex folks. Sidenote: It should be matplotlib in the log rather than matproplib. If you have shell access, most distributions have pre-built binaries that might work as well, typically called python3-matplotlib and python3-numpy for the main ones. For instance, on a debian-based system you can run sudo apt install python3-matplotlib. There still may be versioning issues because the homeassistant docs recommended pinning the requirements. This should work on a wide variety of matplotlib versions so if that ends up causing trouble we can unpin it.

Not seeing matplotlib in the error log either.

Unfortunately not with the hassio image.

EDIT: Ah! It helps if I save my cameras.yaml file. Now getting:

Platform error camera.ha_skyfield - Requirements for ha_skyfield not found: ['matplotlib==3.1.2'].

Any logs about skyfield? You may have to set the log config to debug with something like:

    default: info
      homeassistant.components.sensor.ha_skyfield: debug
      homeassistant.components.camera.ha_skyfield: debug

Also note that I added the camera component to the code this morning so if you pulled yesterday you’ll want to re-download.

EDIT: oh nevermind. Yup there’s the error. ok.

same error as me above…


The solution most likely is to make a Hass.io add-on, which is a docker image itself. In the Dockerfile of that add-on image I can install numpy and matplotlib easily enough. This is my plan for hassio support. I haven’t made a hassio addon before but it looks pretty doable.

So what needs done to install this for non-hassio users running HA in docker on Debian?

I think I’ve gotten lost in the steps needed…

I don’t think you can. On ubuntu hass docker tries to install the dependencies but fails. There is something odd about the matplotlib pypi package.

Did a big upgrade today adding constellations, more planets, and better customization via config.

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Hassio support?

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Sorry not yet. That does seem to be the main thing holding back other users. I still have never used hassio so I have some learning to do or need an expert helper.

Tracking here: https://github.com/partofthething/ha_skyfield/issues/1

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Dramatic increase in users if you support it for sure.

What about installing thru HACS for regular (non-hassio) docker users? Does that work yet?


The repo says HACS compatible and you can manually add the repo in HACS so I think it should work (If you have installed the dependencies)

The dependencies are the problem :slight_smile:

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gotcha. That is the issue with hassio as well…

OK, got it work under 107.7 :slight_smile:
But somehow dumb q: how to configure options- constellations etc. In .py source? camera: options/settings?
Best, JR

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In configuration.yaml