Pollen/Allergy Sensor

In hopes that this thread isn’t completely dead, I am trying to use your solution here, and it seems that the api is a paid for service; I cannot seem to access it unless I use your resource name; which obviously will not work for me (your location is hardcoded).

Are you paying for this (TheWeatherNetwork API); or is there a free access that I am missing? I have also tried using the Pollen.com REST API; and these are giving me a 405 error:

" 405 - HTTP verb used to access this page is not allowed"


(Changing ZIPCODE with my real zip)

Are you paying for this (TheWeatherNetwork API); or is there a free access that I am missing? I have also tried using the Pollen.com REST API; and these are giving me a 405 error:

Nope, not paid. To get your location code for TheWeatherNetwork, I found that if you just go to your city, then hover over a link to see. For instance, if I live in Toronto, I go to Toronto’s page then hover over the air quality link I can see it links to a page ending in caon0696

Plug that in where I put the XXXXXs and it will pull data.


Well I’ll be damned…

Yeah, that worked for me; and I get accurate data from that. Thank you @rexbot!

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Not exactly answers your request, but you could also try https://airly.org/map/en/, depending on your location. Airly has mobile app and HA integration with the Particulate Matter sensor.

I am looking for a sensor for Austria, any ideas?

See this link:

and use https://www.theweathernetwork.com/api/data/auxx0025 (for Vienna)

Or try this link:

with https://weather.com/de-AT/forecast/allergy/l/b1c12cb5f559c61ffb70bb86034f904e94f0bf0817f3adc85177b27014c8fbe0 (also Vienna)

2nd method not working for me. Got Unknown as a result. Maybe the web has changed recently and the scrape code is not working anymore?

Have you tried AccuWeather integration ? That has pollen sensors for me (UK)

Sadly my accuweather integration has no pollen sensor :frowning_face:

My pollen entities were hidden after installation (along with 70+ others) and had to enable them ?

Just to report back…

I inspected the weather network data in my area (usca1019), and sadly pollen info are missing.

As for pollen.com, it’s now given 403 (permission denied).

Anyone able to get something work for US?

This is what I am looking for, excuse me if the question has been asked, is there a way to get the location code? Thanks!

Actually, it is not that hard, view source page of the weather network, search for ““placecode”:” that will be the city code.:slight_smile:

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The new ClimaCell integration has today’s Tree/Grass/Weed pollen count included.

Hey Aaron,

While it appears that you have not been on here for a while I wanted to reach out and see if you where ever able to complete the "pollen.com sensor " integration. I placed with my config file

  platform: pollen
  zip_code: 80919
    - allergy_average_forecasted
    - allergy_average_historical
    - allergy_index_today
    - allergy_index_tomorrow
    - allergy_index_yesterday
    - disease_average_forecasted```

but I am getting this error message ```Platform error sensor.pollen - Integration 'pollen' not found.```
I also tried to use the template that NotoriousBDG/itchaboy/Wheezy shared a few post above yours and that too does not work. I have check the site today and it is up and operational. Are you able to take a look at this and see what might be the issue?

@TMidi Quite a lot has changed since this topic first started. pollen.com information is now provided by the IQVIA integration.

Hi @bachya

I just tried IQVIA integration, and got this error (looks like a timeout, after seeing spinning wheel for ~30 sec)

Service is already configured

checking log seeing

Logger: homeassistant.components.iqvia
Source: helpers/update_coordinator.py:212
Integration: IQVIA (documentation, issues)
First occurred: 12:00:17 PM (1 occurrences)
Last logged: 12:00:17 PM

Error fetching 95050 allergy_outlook data:

How should I debug this?

p.s. I have HACS installed for Dysan cloud+local…

What HASS version do you have?

If it’s just pollen you want…

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|Integration version:|1.11.3|
|Frontend version:|20210214110032|