Pool monitoring device Yieryi BLE-YL01 - Zigbee pH, ORP, Free chlorine, salinity etc

So I managed to add mine to HA. I have the Tuya TS0601. However, my ORP reading is negative (-367). Even though my pH is 7.4. so my chlorine reading equals 0, I guess because of the negative ORP. Can’t find any solution in this problem …

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i have the same one and i remarq something during the night when the pomp is of and water dosen t move the value are ok , but when pomp is on and watter turn around and ble-y01 too it can’t record good value, only temprature is good.

so i attach the ble-Y01 to the lader, ph orp and temprature are ok.

I think that the probes are very sensitive to the movement of the water and can only be analyzed when the water is calm

I tried, but no change. I still get negative ORP.

Sorry for the late answer. I use this Sonoff Zigbee 3.0 Plus v2

I used ConBee II before that one, but it was not as good.

hi Lauer,

can you help me to understand how have you updated the reporting interval in Z2M?


So I changed the code for the device, when I updated it with my YK-S03 model.
So from 10 minutes to 5 minutes.

I would love to get this up and going. I am using ZHA and I just can’t figure this out. To my understanding your code is using “Zigbee2MQTT” and not compatible with ZHA? nice work you did regardless

So does it now work with ZHA? This thread only talks about Z2M…

Answering to myself, no it doesn’t.

Hello Everyone,

Happy that I just found this thread about this Chinese device.

I just integrated it into HASS through zigbee2mqtt directly. I am using a Sonoff dongle (P version). The device works fine and all the sensors are being displayed. However, it seems the data report frequency is low and values are not consistent with the data I am getting with other methods (strips and other probes).


I am confused about the following:

In addition, I am not getting the backlight entity, although I realized that if I change a little one of the value ranges, data is fetched from the device:


However, it doesn’t mean that the probes actually measure anything, as I think the device is just set internally for reading every specific time.

Does it mean that the device reports data as default every 10 minutes? It doesn’t seem to be my case, although I will keep monitoring it for a few hours. Or does this frequency work when using Tuya+Koenkk only? Using a Tuya bridge is the only way to manage the device efficiently? Sorry if I am mixing things, but I am not sure whether I have understood the whole thread. Thanks for your understanding.

After a few hours, values seem to be coherent and quite realistic, except ORP and chlorine:


EDIT: My fault here. ORP was low because sun was lighting my pool since morning. I just started my chlorinator, and ORP and chlorine levels just started to increase:


In a few hours, such values should be fine.

Given how it seems chlorine is fetched (“calculated” from ORP, pH and -perhaps- temperature), it makes sense for both values to be kind of out of range. I guess the ORP sensor needs to be calibrated. However, the device was not supplied with the calibration solutions, so I will have to get from Amazon in order to get them by this week. I have also asked the seller to provide them. Will also get an isolated gateway for the purpose of using the Tuya app to calibrate, as calibration entities are not exposed automatically. Will also try to play around with z2m just in case I manage to do it that way.

By the way… if probes are calibrated from the Tuya app, is the calibration persistent upon resetting? After calibration, I would like to re-pair with z2m without the isolated gateway.

Still, it seems the data is fetched after a couple of hours. That’s fine for the purpose, but I’d love the data to be refreshed according to a custom setting I could change.

What does it mean? Do you have the BLE-YL01 model and you updated its firmware for it to become a YK-S03 with some sort of custom settings?

EDIT: Sorry for flooding/editing the thread/post with random stuff. I think this has something to do with this:

I am playing around with this procedure. After adding the external converter, it seems the probe is updating just in few minutes. Will keep monitoring and checking further options.

Having said all this, my main goal now is to be able to calibrate the device without having to add it to the Tuya environment. Even though it does not seem necessary to be done for the moment, I would like to be ready when such thing becomes necessary. Do you know whether it is even possible?