Poolsana Inverpace 15 Pool Heat Pump via Tuya

Hello there,
I bought a Pool Heat Pump, called Inverpace 15, from Poolsana, here in Germany. The heat pump can be controlled via Smartlife App, so Tuya.

In the Tuya integration the device is found, but labeled “unsupported”. I tried LocalTuya too, same problem. I have no entities.

Is there a possibility to let Homeassistant control my heatpump?

Greetings from Germany

Wifi? Zigbee?

WiFi . I don’t know how I can post the diagnostics file to this forum

The solution for me is, to use the LocalTuya Integration. Then assign the different ID’s and that’s it.

Hello Falk, I´ve a Poolsana InverPOWER NEXT 11.
I´m a Newbie in HA. In HACS i found localTuya. Now I can turn on/off and define the temperature but i can´t select the heating-mode like boost, smart or silent. Is this possible with your solution?
Greetings Andreas

Yes, did you connected all Datapoint ID in LocalTuya? I can controll all modes. A little bit tricky, but it works

Please try the normal Tuya Integration again, now my Inverpace is supported. I read that Inverpearl and others are useable now.