Posting logs, screenshots etc. - English please :-)

Many questions about problems are accompanied with screenshots/logs in user’s native language. To make the help more available it would be advisable to change the language before making a screenshot or copying the log :slight_smile: It is so easy- press Your user, change language to English, make a copy action and change the language back… Another option is to make some kind of translation attempt of key stuff Yourself- it is guaranteed that so You get more responses and feedback and help :slight_smile:
Just my 2 cents. Best, JR


Totally agree. Especially about screenshots.

This should be unnecessary since this is an English only forum and one would think that if someone calls out for help, would do this automatically, but…

Make that into a text, that is usable in the “forum rules”,

especially paragraph #14, and send @Tinkerer a PM. I’m sure that he appreciates the help very much! :+1: