Pre Announcement: HADasboard v2!

Thanks! I basically took a hatchet to Polymer and broke things until I got far enough to prove out what it could look like. It’s not something I use in my production version but if I ever get there i’ll be sure to share my notes. I can’t wait to mess around with HADashboard though, i’ll definitely be looking to recreate the same sort of look.

I love your idea of changing the background to correspond to the time of day by the way.

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Certainly doesn’t look like a ‘hatchet’ to me. Looks polished. Perhaps once the HA devs see the way the skinning is being done in Dash2, similar ideas could be adopted. They are both based on Jinja2 and Gridster, so there is a lot of commonality.

I have no doubt that you will be able to do so and rather quickly. You can probably reuse a lot of the CSS!

Thanks; it’s kind of basic right now, but next round I am hoping to do the same with background images instead of just colors, then maybe skinning the Weather Widget so the background corresponds to the conditions.

You don’t have to uninstall to run the beta; in fact it’s probably better that you don’t and run the Dash version with no apps in a separate instance for the beta to keep things clean in testing and looking for bugs.

I’m running your Weather Alert app on my original instance of AD (once again, thanks for that!) and that’s separate from the one that is running my dashboards.

I don’t have any dashboards running. The old one didn’t give me what I wanted so I’m just on the standard HA UI right now. I was just cleaning partial installs, etc off my other PI where I am going to install this.

I think if you look at the install procedures for HADash v1 and just run it in reverse order doing pip/pip3 uninstalls instead of installs then delete the directories, that should work. But I would get a second opinion from @aimc as he would know better.

In my case, I just disabled the service and deleted the directories. I figure any of the libs he installed don’t take up much space and will be used elsewhere anyway.

I just deleted the directories. I’ll see where that gets me and go from there. any issues with putting the new dashboard in a venv?

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I’m not aware of any; I would assume that if you run AppDaemon in a venv then you could do the same with Dash2.

I’m currently running it in a terminal window in as a python 3 command line for the beta.

Basically, I am doing what @aimc suggested until he tells me otherwise. My feeling is that for this beta to run smoothly, it’s best if we all use whatever install method that he suggests. There are a LOT of people who are going to be running this as soon as it is released and for the sake of Andrew’s sanity, I am strongly suggesting to folks that they follow the guidelines as he gives them.

I can only provide so much support and much of that is regarding skinning, which isn’t the focus of this first beta. Most of the tech support is going to be on how this gets installed or why that config doesn’t work on Docker or Ubuntu or what have you, and while I intend to help wherever I can, a lot of the first phase questions are going to be on him. Rene can also provide more expertise than I can, but I don’t know if he’s going to be back in time for the release.

So if you want more cool stuff like this and even better features, it just makes sense to not make these guys burn out. I’m saying that the smartest and most efficient thing we can do to support him (and Rene, who is on the road at the moment) is for all of us to try to be as standardized as we can in our set ups so that we are playing in a level field. It makes it that much easier to rule out things and get to what the issue is.

Just my personal two cents from experience in FOSS over the decade.

Yep, follow KISS at first and get the basics going in a fairly standard environment.

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Hi guys, do you have a link fora good app daemon tutorial? This is all new to me, so I don’t really know where to start. But I gather that’s the layer underneath HADashboard, so i’ll need to sus that out first!

I installed via the instructions here

I see a lot about docker for installation. Is it worth learning how to use? I watched some youtube tutorials on it, but I’m still trying to understand it all. Perhaps off topic, I’d like to set it up in the ‘best’ way, but there are so many options and so much to learn!

@ReneTode wrote this great tutorial:

@SupahNoob has begun doing tutorial posts as well:

Both are excellent places to start.


For those of you following this thread, Dash v2 beta is LIVE!!!


In the current AppDaemon config file you have removed Lattitude, longitude, elevation and time_zone. Do we need to remove them out of this file as well?

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You can, they are ignored now anyway as AD gets this from HA directly now.

But please post in the Announcement thread.

Yep, just delete them. Best to ask stuff like this on the Beta thread, we already had that question :slight_smile:

Andrew, let’s lock this thread.

Sure, go ahead.

Now that HADash2 beta is live, please direct all questions to this thread: