Presence detection, BLE, mi flora, RF gateway with ESP32, OpenMQTTGateway is now compatible

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Here is the feedback from another user:

I’ve got 2 devices with firmware 3.1.8, behaving as I described yesterday.


Thanks for that. I must have a different verpsion of hardware or am just unable to upgrade.

I have 5 sensors and three show that message while two report that they are for mainland china, so i am unsure what version they are on.

Home assistant is able to read them so i might take a look at seeing if i can port the code across or just rung pi zeros with ha.



what is the app you are using on your phone?


For the next evolutions of OpenMQTTGateway I would like to have your advices, here is a poll that will take 30 seconds to fill and that will give us usefull insights:


Hi. Is there an example of mi flora integration in home assistant with OpenMQTTGateway?


I don’t have it but maybe ask here


You can now exchange and share about OpenMQTTGateway on a dedicated forum:


dear all, could you recommend a esp32 module. I ordered one… something like devkit v1 but flashing won’t work… it hangs in …hard reset in arduino cc.

i had to push the power button wile flashing… if not arduino would say: could not connect to device.

and what’s the EN button for ?



I’m using doit esp32 from here:


Hi 1technophile

Have you got any plans to incorporate 303Mhz RF receiving / transmitting? I have a number of devices (e.g. garage door, air conditioner) that use 303Mhz RF and am looking for a way to communicate with these devices