Presence sencing is frustrating and shouldn't be

3 days now. 3 days i am trying to figure out how to properly set up presence detection for my home with no luck. (not counting my previous attempts)
I have no idea why is it so hard to set it up. All I want to know, is if my phone with HA companion app is at home or not. that’s it.
Please can we have some simple way to set it up so HA can see if my phone is in the apartment?

Why doesn’t the HA see if my phone is connected to the same WiFi? Why doesn’t it see that it has been offline for some period of time. Why if I set up device tracker it finds 500 BT devices but can’t see my phone? (I use the new shelly bluetooth proxy as well and my phone has beacon turned on)
Why only working solutions I can find are through paid services or online connected services? Why can I see the smartwatch, but not phones?

I am super frustrated with this. I was hoping that with the shelly proxy integration this will be easy since I have those everywhere. But I can’t even see what devices are currently around.
Oh hey, and having those 500 entities it finds as a permanent part of my HA is great bonus.
Glad we have new colors tho.

I checked your recent posting history and didn’t see you asking for assistance with presence detection. When your tantrum is over, post a question in the Configuration section of the forum, containing the sober details of what you tried, and perhaps the community can help you.

Reference: How to help us help you


Moved out of feature requests since this isn’t an actual feature request.

Ok, I was frustrated after reading bunch of post and watching bunch of videos. I didn’t ask since from what I’ve gathered this is not any easy way. :frowning:
I tried again in my post how do i use bluetooth to track presence

I have been using this for years now, extremely reliable! GitHub - andrewjfreyer/monitor: Distributed advertisement-based BTLE presence detection reported via mqtt

Havent used myself but beliw may ve an option