Pressure mat integrated with HA?

I’m looking at using a pressure mat installed under the carpet on my basement steps (more accurately the first step) to trigger the light to turn on. I’m looking at using a pressure mat like this. Has anyone used something like this with HA? I was expecting it to have two wires that would open/close the circuit with pressure, but this looks to just have 1 wire. Anyone know how/if ESPhome could be used to sense the pressure on this mat? I only need binary on/off, not the amount of pressure.

From the link you provided it seems to have 2 wires. They are just 2 small wires in the one cable.
Also it states a SPST Normally Open circuit, that would require 2 wires.

You can hook the two wires up to an Aqara door sensor and you would have a battery powered pressure mat.

I did the same for my chair here:

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