Probably a dumb question [about overviews vs dashboards]

I am behind the curve on this. I have many dashboards in the Overview section and they all work great. Can someone explain to me like I am 5 what the difference is between adding dashboards under Overview and under Dashboards?



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You are confusing terms. Overview is a Dashboard , you cannot “add dashboards” to it. You can add Views to the Overview dashboard. Then you add Cards to those Views.

Dashboards > Views > Cards

One of the core concepts of Home Assistant is flexibility. Users have a wide variety of preferences, needs, and use cases for their user interface. Being able to set up Dashboards with specific themes, layouts, views, and cards is part of that flexibility.

HA Docs: Multiple Dashboards


OK I have it now. Somehow I missed that info when I initially setup my system.


Just a note; Please just put your (summarised) question in your title. Now your question is clickbait-ish.

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I changed the subject, that was a good catch.