Problem after upgrade python 3.10



After upgrade HA is broken

the recursive problem is

raise sa_exc.ArgumentError(
gen 29 19:18:35 sdomotica Home Assistant[4187]: sqlalchemy.exc.ArgumentError: Type annotation for “Statistics.metadata_id” can’t be correctly interpreted for Annotated Declarative Table form. ORM annotations should normally make use of the Mapped[] generic type, or other ORM-compatible generic type, as a container for the actual type, which indicates the intent that the attribute is mapped. Class variables that are not intended to be mapped by the ORM should use ClassVar[]. To allow Annotated Declarative to disregard legacy annotations which don’t use Mapped[] to pass, set “allow_unmapped = True” on the class or a superclass this class. (Background on this error at: Error Messages — SQLAlchemy 2.0 Documentation)

HELP ME thanks

Without knowing what install u have, no one can help.
For starter any log output should at least be in preformatted text.

Honestly, I’d suggest you switch to Docker. Unless you’re comfortable troubleshooting build issues like this you probably shouldn’t be using a Core install.