Problem install Home Assistant Supervised in a Docker on a Ubuntu 20.04

I have just reinstall my Hassio installation but I can’t get to work again.
I reinstalled Ubuntu, Docker, Portainer and Home Assistant Supervised.
ssh and Portainer is working but I can’t get contact with the HA fronted with the ip-adderss:8123.

Now I have been mesing around and tried differnt thing but nothing seems to work.
Could somebody give me a hand with this ?

This is how it looks in Portainer.
I can see that I don’t have any Home-Assistant container any more but I don’t know what to do any more, Please help me

Home Assistant Supervised has not been supported on Ubuntu for more then a year.

I suggest you take a look at

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It also hasn’t been called for a year.

I see, I changed the headline :grinning:

Changing the headline won’t help you, Supervised is not supported on Ubuntu. Install Debian.

What do the “hassio_supervisor” container logs say?
If the HA container ever started, you can also get its logs

i can see your supervisor isn’t in host network and ports are not open (8123).

I took the decision yesterday to install Debian instead of Ubuntu in the host computer.
Because Ubuntu apparently no longer is supported with HA Supervised.
Now I have installed Debian, Docker and HA Supervised.
I can get access to HA frontend by ip-address:8123.
Next step for me is to convert to Docker compose, anything that I should think of?
Install Portainer
Try to restore my old HA backups

I would suggest not converting HA supervised to docker compose but instead run a separate docker compose stack.

Okay, why ?
Could you guide me how to do that ?

For compability reasons with updating etc.

Install docker-compose on the debian host and create a docker-compose.yml with your config.

I already have Docker installed. I just install docker-compose as well ?
Does it matter where I put the docker-compose.yml file?
If I add applications in the docker-compose file and restart the docker-compose will the added applications be installed in new containers ?
If they are added in new containers will the new applications be avalible in HA ?

Not sure if that’s even possible, but for sure using addons via docker-compose is not supported, if that’s what you mean by “applications”.
If you want addons, HassOS or Supervised are you only options.

Basically, a supervised installation is creating a bunch of ever-restarting containers. That’s pretty much the same as docker-compose, so not sure why you focus on that.

PS: And in an upcoming release (maybe already 2021.10 or even now), And now a supervised install requires an agent running on the host, which will make supervised even more of a PITA to be a “supported” install, Debian or not.

PS2: OS-Agent issues - Home Assistant

Yes, just install docker-compose. Doesn’t matter where you put the docker-compose.yml file.

However, I don’t really understand what you are trying to accomplish? What other container do you want to run? Can you name some examples? What do you mean with “will the applications be availabe to Home Assistant”?

@koying yes, I mean addons.
Now I have HA supervised in Docker installed, just installed it.
I’m new to this and maybe I’m mixing stuff up!
I thought that a HA supervised in a Docker with compose-file will make things easy to backup and restore.
I just want a easy system/setup to install and maintain and I like HA supervised.

Go to supervisor and click on addon store. Follow your nose.

@nickrout meaning that I don’t need Docker-compose ?

You only need docker compose if you want to run other containers (not add-ons).

Not for something that is available as an addon.

If there is something you want that is not available as sn addon, you can use docker, or docker-compose.

Why don’t you use Home Assistant OS then?