Problems with system - possibly because of its size

I’m hoping someone can help with some problems that I am thinking is because its a large installation (see list below). The problems I am having are:

  1. On the android companion app, it takes a little while to load, not too bad, but when it is already running and I switch apps or lock the screen then go back in it just hangs for a LONG while on a white screen, sometimes it never recovers and I have to kill the app, wait a little bit, then reopen app.

  2. I can no longer view “States” tab in developer tools. It just tries to load forever. In Firefox it loads forever then Firefox reports the tab is using too much memory. In the android companion app it just never loads.

  3. Firefox (on Ubuntu 22.04) sometimes just temporarily hangs when just on a lovelace tab, it eventually recovers but it hangs part of the Ubuntu system as well.

  4. I noticed that when I was creating the list below that it says: “device_tracker: 124715”. That seems unreasonably high. Any thoughts how it would get that high and how to reduce it? I’m quite sure I don’t have 125k devices on my network.

Thanks for your help!


Core 2024.5.4
Supervisor 2024.05.1
Operating System 12.3
Frontend 20240501.1

Hardware is Generic x86-64 on in intel NUC with 32GB - recently switch from a Home Assistant Blue. I upgraded to the NUC because I was having the problems originally there so I thought upgrading wold help some, it didn’t really help all that much.

Output from:

{%- for d in states | groupby(‘domain’) %}
{{ d[0] }}: {{ states[d[0]] | count }}
{%- endfor %}


automation: 398
binary_sensor: 470
button: 297
calendar: 2
camera: 4
climate: 4
conversation: 1
cover: 2
device_tracker: 124814
event: 101
fan: 6
group: 8
input_boolean: 2
input_number: 10
input_select: 3
input_text: 3
light: 51
lock: 6
media_player: 34
number: 106
person: 4
remote: 7
script: 60
select: 35
sensor: 888
stt: 1
sun: 1
switch: 80
tts: 1
update: 103
weather: 1
zone: 2

Typical Processor and memory usage image:

Edit: I should have mentioned that the system is otherwise working great. I turn on a light in the app, they light comes on instantly. I turn a light on from the switch, it gets reported to the app instantly. Automations and scripts happen perfectly with no delay or issues. I rarely have any zwave drop offs (dead nodes). So the system it working great otherwise, the problem just seems to exist in the user interfaces.

I would try using these debugging suggestions:

Thank you @MaxK for the suggestion. I was able to track it down and this post should be disregarded.

The answer was in the question…

I had bluetooth trackers that were adding new entities about every second. I stopped that from happening, removed the unnecessary BLE_ devices and all the problems went away.

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