Project doorbell - trying to work out how best to do this

So my next thing to do is a doorbell. I am thinking of using a Aqara Wireless Mini Switch (whitch I have), and old Pi 2 and a sounbar (which I also have, it has 3.5mm jack in). I know the Mini Switch is not waterproof but its in a covered porch. Did not have any luck finding zigbee switches designed to be used as doorbells.

This may be a bit OTT and whant I would really like to use is a plug in wifi bell but can find anything suatable. And a lot of them do not come with ringers so ime almost back to square 1.

I know this has been discussed a lot but cant quite find the answer I am looking for.

Any Advice.

PS maybe there is a wifi doorbell system I could use with HA but all the ones that are HA comparable seem to be > £100. I am looking for something under £50. Its hust a doorbell and I dont need video.

You could hard wire a normal doorbell button into a zigbee door contact, just remove the reed switch and solder wires to the empty pads. Then it will be easy to make the switch talk to HA. As for anything else I don’t know.

Or if your current door bell has a magnetic buzzer/bell ringer you can use a dismantled Aqara Contact Sensors, as I’m doing and described at

Apartment intercom buzzer detection without power - #10 by DigiH

Nice idea but i actualy want a button unless when someone returns late at night bell will go off, which is not what I want. Unless I have misundersttod you.

I am also wondering if there is something like a Pi Zero with audio out. There is a HAT with a 3w speeker, which aparently can be relativly loud.

UK based but if you are not it may provide a clue?

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Thanks Audio Amp SHIM (3W Mono Amp) (3W amp for Zero) may be a goer but was thinking of Pico Audio - Audio Module for Raspberry Pi Pico (Inc. Speakers) | The Pi Hut (Pi HAT 3,5 sterio out) & Raspberry Pi Pico | The Pi Hut (Pi Pico with headers). I think I need the one with headers for the HAT.

Ime amazed there is not a WiFi plug in doorbell/speaker thingy.

I’ve got no fitting for existing doorbell, so wifi doorbell would be the best option for me, something that integrates with home assistant. There doesn’t seem to much in the way of that description on the market.

That is the impresion I am getting. Seems VERY odd

I just used a Sonoff Zigbee button (it has survived 2 years outside in Cumbrian weather so far with no issues) and an automation that plays a doorbell sound on all the Alexas, Google devices and the Alarm “siren”. It also flashes the lights :slight_smile:

Cheapest solution I could come up with.

I had an apiphany. I can use a old modile phone with Pushover and a cheap speaker to do doorbell and other alarms. Verry easy to set up and think it should work well. The only problem is it will effectivly have the battery on charge all the time whitch is not ideal but will do for now.