Prolink Smarthome products


Anybody has any experience using Prolink products with Home Assistant?

These are available in stores locally and wanted to know of any previous experience before diving in.

Thanks in advance.

Haven’t tried them, but it looks as if they work on 2.4 GHz. A few people have found this problematic, or at least fiddly to set up, with other devices (I’m thinking of Broadlink).

UK plugs, I see, but no prices?

Edit: Based in Singapore/Indonesia/Malaysia, apparently. Support by online form only. A bit run-from-somebody’s-garage? Still, if they’re in a local shop, no harm in trying one out. How do they integrate with HA?

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Thanks for your post @Stiltjack

Indeed doesn’t seem to be any information online about any HA integration but trying my luck with the community.

I’ll probably get one of the plugs and try it out.

I similarly tried out Blitzwolf which are very neat products but unable to flash/ integrate without disassembling and soldering which I want to avoid.

Few months late, but any how, thought I’d contribute some details since I have a couple of these Prolink Plugs. Prolink is a Singapore brand and has been around for many years. What I can say about these plugs is that they seem to be based on the Tuya chips. The app mEzee’s interface is very similar to Smart Life, but with good improvements. The plugs also feel sturdier and heavier than the much cheaper “Tuya” models out there.
I’m now also trying to find any HA integration, nothing so far.

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Adding on to this thread so that the Googlebot can index this information.

I also recently picked up a Prolink plug - specifically a DS-3202M.

I can confirm that this plug atleast is indeed just a rebadged Tuya plug. Following this post, the first time I turned on the plug, I used the Tuya app (rather than the Prolink app) to add the plug to my network and it paired without a hitch. All the functions listed on the product page are visible and seem to work.

PS: The packaged instructions are also a bit of a giveaway as they are identical to the Tuya app instructions.

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