Prompt for Name When Adding a Device

When adding a new device, most notably in my case, a Z-Wave device, it is automatically given an extremely generic name that is undoubtedly going to need to be changed (who needs a dozen devices just named “dimmer switch”?). You then need to go in and rename the device after the fact which adds extra steps to the process of adding a new device. This renaming process seems to be a bit fragile when it comes to handling all the various entities associated with the device (see my other post here: Entity Renaming Isn't Working). Overall the process is not optimal.

It would streamline the process and make it much less messy if there was a prompt after a device is added in which you are given the option to set a name (and, ideally, an area) for a device, so that the device and especially the entities are named properly from the start.

I think this may be an integration thing - with ZHA this is exactly what happens when you pair a new device.

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So does current (2024) ZWaveJSUI so im wondering what package and process are beibg used?

I’m using the Z-Wave JS UI add-on (version 3.4.1). I have been using the HA interface for adding devices though (Settings → Devices & Services → Z-Wave Devices → Add Device). I’ve never had it prompt me for a device name after adding a device though, I always have to go and rename it afterwards.

Oh yeah. JsUI to add its a MUCH better experience. Including the device naming and guiding users through better defaults (S2 or None by default only use S0 on specific request and easy smartstart)

So technically. Even though addons arent core so it doesn’t apply to a feature request - JsUI does what you want.

Thay said ZHA is core… But @Stiltjack ZHA is doing this?


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Ah now I understand ZHA adds first then youre immediately prompted. (I can see how it could be skipped)

JsUI prompts for the name before the join starts and then uses that data.