Proxmox with whiskerz hassos install

I have som problems using the whiskerz hassos install guide.

I have installed proxmox and hassos without any issues. But when I try to start the console and want to login to home assistant some weird things happens.

When I start the console and try ti login to homeassistant using the “root” as username, next things happens is that it just starting to scroll an huge amount of text that never stops!
According to whiskerz guide I should be prompted with hassio but that never happens.

So what can I do from here?

See attached image, it seems as it is just this text that is scrolling forever!

You access HA via a browser, not the console.

Head to the IP of the HA VM on port 8123.

According to whiskerz guide, this is what I should do:

To get to the root prompt

  • Open the console after the VM has been started
  • When the messages slow down press the Enter key a couple of times until you see the following
Welcome to Home Assistant
homeassistant login:
  • Login using root , no password is requested
  • When you see the hassio > prompt, type login
  • You should now see a # prompt.

Have you done what I suggested?

Yes, It says ”preparing home assistant”, could take up to 20min… it has been like this a couple of hours now. Thats why I dont think everything is fully configured yet?

Follow this.