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Question about theme color options


Hello Community,

After getting Home Assistant to work for the first time I spent some time creating themes. I am however, running into a problem changing the primary color. The top bar seems to be linked to the text in several sections:

The result is that if I change the top bar color to something dark that fits the theme, the text becomes almost unreadable. Has anyone found a workaround for this or is there something that I am missing?



I’ve looked at a few dark themes and they all see to have the same issue. TBH I’ve found theming HA to be frustrating at best and downright irritating at times :frowning:

For the particular screen you’re showing there you can change the background of the table, might be able to find something that works with the text and your theme.


I’ve been focusing on getting the bits the users see right and the admin / developer bits usable, as only I use them.



some possible good news on this one (although, I’ve not tried it yet)

it now looks like compact custom header will allow you to set the background of the top bar, separately to the theme primary-color variable :slight_smile:

Also, someone’s already raised an issue, no idea if it’s being looked or when it might be addressed though.



Thank you for the reply. I am already using the Compact Custom Header and it is totally awesome (in my opinion it should be integrated in the home assistant core, even if just as an option). You can use the custom header as a workaround, although some people (like me) try to have a few custom addons as possible because they sometimes break something on upgrades. :grimacing:

Too bad theming is currently so limited because of these hard links. I think we’d have much more user made themes if it were a little bit more flexible. I hope someone can have a look at it in the future.

Ps. good find on that issue, I wonder why I did not see it in my results. :neutral_face: