Question: Is there a way to temporarily disable a tracker through an automation


My child has 2 gps trackers attached to her ‘person’, a phone tracker, and an Apple Watch tracker. When she goes to school, she wears her watch, but leaves the phone at home. While she’s at school, her person geolocation alternates between school and home. I just want the Apple Watch tracker active while she’s at school.


Is there a way to make an automation such that when tracker #1 (the Apple Watch) enters a zone (the school zone), it triggers the tracker #2 (the phone) to be disabled. Then, when the tracker #1 (Watch) leaves the zone (school), tracker #2 (the phone) is re-enabled? To be clear, I can set up trigger in this case. What I need help with is how to disable a tracker. Is there a service that can be called to disable / enable an entity?

Looks like this has already been suggested as a feature request here. Currently not possible, I think. If anyone has any smart ideas though, let me know!

I disable GPS on my Android when i don’t want to be tracked. HA does not update my Position then anymore.

Maybe you can test if disabling gps on the iphone does work how you intend.
If yes you just need a way to automate disabling it. I can’t help for apple devices on this. Android would have different apps like tasker or automate.

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