Rasberry Pie died - New hardware, how to restore to Intel NUC

Hello all,

My PIE4 with HomeAssistant died. What’s good is that I have very recent snapshots saved using the google drive homeassistant snapshot addon.

The tricky part is that my replacement device is an Intel NUC.
I’ve setup Ubuntu and Docker and installed HomeAssistant, but to my horror, the Supervisor menu and the ability to install addons are not present.

How can I restore my snapshot on my new NUC env? Please help


If your plan was to restore your snapshot, you chose the wrong installation method. What you have now is known as Home Assistant Container (Linux + Docker + Home Assistant Core in a docker container).

There are only two installation methods that support snapshots:

  1. Home Assistant OS (what you had on the RPi4)
  2. Home Assistant Supervised

With an Intel NUC, you have the option of using either of the two methods.

The four official installation methods are summarized in this table.

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