Raspberry 4 not enabling i2c under HassOS3.5

Hi Guys,
Have recently been playing around wiith i2c on the Pi 3 and can enable the i2c to work by using the old "stick usb in with modules folder and i2c-bcm2708’ this works fine on the Pi 3 but unable to get to work on the pi4 under the Hassio envirment.
I suspect the pi 4 has different i2c configuration ( chip ). Anybody had any luck enabelling the i2c on the RPi4.
On the Working RPi3 Im using Hassio system version 2.12 ( production ) but the
none working RPi4 is using Hassio SystemVersion 3.5 ( Staging ). both 32bit.

Any Help appreciated. dave

I have the same problem.
With Rpi 3b and 3b+ working, but in rpi4b not.
Any ideas?

Same issue, doesn’t seem to work on the Pi4 yep!

We resolved this issue on this thread: