Raspberry Pi 3 controlling MiHome switches?

Hi folks, I’m really struggling with securing an answer to a proposed setup. I have posted in other forums here and no reply or replies died. So posting here…

A friend has given me his Raspberry Pi3 , an Energenie ENER314-RT transceiever board and two Energenie smart plugs. I’d like to use them but also add an Energenie MIH014 which is an inline switch for high current loads (i.e. UK 240v/50Hz).

Question is simple, can I control the MIH014 using the ENER3140RT?

The Energenie site provides a PDF https://energenie4u.co.uk/res/pdfs/ENER314-RT%20User%20Guide%20V2.pdf that indicates the ENER314-RT can only control OOK protocol smart sockets. However, another Energenie page https://energenie4u.co.uk/res/pdfs/MIHO005%20with%20ENER314-RT%20user%20guide%20(updated).pdf suggests more than just sockets can be controlled.

Confused !?

Can Hass.io plus the ENER314-RT control my MIH014 , AND the two sockets (I’m sure the latter is “yes”) but just want to check both.

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no one can help?

Hello, have a look at this Threads, maybe ist Help you?


ah, i see…

I’ve just realised that the MIH014 is just a single gang switch and not a direct replacement for a water+heating programmer, i.e. just sits on the existing backplate on the wall.
If not a straight fit replacement, here in UK. you have to get any new wiring certified by a Part-p registered electrical professional.

so, looking at alternatives…
The heatmiser 2 channel RF receiver does this (straight swap for exisitng controller on the wall) and its companion RF stat, but ive no idea how to get these working in HA? if want to set stat temp and switch HW on or off (on receiver)

I have written a node-red node for this that could do what you want via the node-red integration. See: https://github.com/Achronite/node-red-contrib-energenie-ener314rt

MIHO014 is the relay module, which should work with the ‘Control’ node (although I’ve not tested this myself).

I’m new here and was just looking to see if there is any interest in me building a closer integration with home assistant.

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So I had been contemplating node red in general
But your GitHub code for this pihat on my raspberry pi has tipped the balance on me looking into node red more
Hadn’t looked this year so glad I came across this thread - had the hat sitting in a drawer a while and hadnt got round to using it
Now with IFTTT basically having committed suicide with their new payment model I was being forced to bring everything local anyhow

I know it’s been a while but I’ve decided to try Home Assistant myself. I’m currently writing an MQTT interface for the ENER314-RT device which uses my node.js module.

I currently have it working with lots of DEBUG statements in a standalone node.js application, you can find it here: mqtt-energenie-ener314rt

I would welcome any feedback/testers.

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