Raspberry Pi 3B+ or Pi 4 for Hass.io/Home Assistant?

No these are managed by the supervisor

Can you give me step by step how you did this? I run HA on a RPi 4 with 4gb of mem.

You are thinking of “Home Assistant core”.

On Raspbian, you can still install HassIO (now known as Home Assistant), which allows you do use add-ons. Follow these instructions about generic Linux install. This will install the HA-supervisor, which manages Addons.

Then, the only difference between HassIO in HassOS and HassIO on generic Linux is that you need to keep the hose OS updated yourself, using 2 commands:

sudo apt update
sudo apt upgrade

First, you have to be running Raspbian and installed HA using the above method. This cannot be done using Home Assistant OS, this needs direct access to the underlying OS.

You also need to make sure your Addons and Config folder is not too big (<2.5GB). It will most likely be bigger unless you monitor and manage recorder very carefully.

So knowing it will only apply to a very small number of people, I hadn’t bothered sharing this. But if you still feel it’s something you want to do and will do, I can write a step-by-step guide in a few days time.

No, i am running Home Assistant (i.e. Hass.io).
So no way to do what you did?

Unfortunately I don’t believe so.

I think the problem is you don’t get access to the host OS. If there’s some way to get into the host OS and it has similar set of tools as a *bian Linux (/etc/fstab, systemd, crontab) then it’s very do-able.