Raspberry pi 400 & Hassio

Hello I am a new user of this forum so greetings to all.
Simple quick question requesting an quick answer yes/no

Anyone tried installing Hassio 32bit or 64bit on the pi400 ?
I am installing a new house with KNX and some items don’t fit KNX so I need some bridge with visualisation of everything and Hassio would be a good solution. Gong PI 4 is probably ok but the Pi 400 would better suit my needs.
Any feedback would be welcome.

Given that you are a new user, where in the official documentation have you encountered the term hassio? I am asking because that term was replaced by Home Assistant OS six months ago. If it still exists somewhere in the documentation then it’s a mistake and requires correction.

You may have also noticed that your post was categorized in ‘Home Assistant OS’ (and not hassio). For quick reference, here are the four official ways to install Home Assistant.

There are several existing topics for installing Home Assistant OS on an RPi4 which might help with your intention to use an RPi400. Just search for RPi4. Here’s a recent one:


Thx for your reply and my apologies as I am new to this community.

The fact I use Hassio is because it is seemingly the optimised version for the rpi4 as to youtube videos.

So my correct question should be, after having read your email. :

- Due to Hardware differences in the RPI4 and the RPI400 will the Home assistant OS install with no problems on the RPI400 ?

Insight to your question follows :

From the different Youtube videos it seams their are 3 ways of using home assistant in rpi4

- Home assistent running on some form of native os delivered with the system

- Home assistent in a Docker container ( if I understand correctly I was in the windows/mainframe world so to me this sounds like a virtual machine )

- Hassio the optimised version that you install directly on a fresh pi with no OS

As I stated in my request I am installing a KNX ( within the next 2 months ) system in my new home in construction.

Some Items like for instance My TESLA or the Unify network modules do not have KNX functionality, I therefore am looking to integrate the whole in a single visualisation.

Home assistant could be that visualisation as it has Add-ons for KNX, TESLA, UNIFY etc… whether I will need a server on the KNX side Like EIPC2 or GIRA X1 for scenes is to be seen or if a simple IP gateway could do if the Raspberry PI4 or 400 would be fast enough.

I understand that the P400 has some hardware missing and thus is not the 100% same so the kernel you install might not run hence the question to perform the correct buy for my needs.

The p400 would be ideal as no remote access required, runs cool so no overheating if left 24/24/7/365 you can leave it in the rack with immediate access.

But for your question : search for hassio as lot of video refer to and you get this

Installing Home Assistant OS - Home Assistant

Thx and if you could answer my P400 question, will Home assistant OS install on a P400 , I would greatly appreciate and go ahead and by the correct version.



The first line of the linked instructions states:

The following will take you through the steps required to install Home Assistant OS.

There’s no reference to the the term hassio.

There’s the problem. You are using outdated content. Avoid it; use the official documentation or recently updated material in Community Guides. Community member kango_who has created an excellent series covering various ‘community-supported’ installation methods.

Effectively, I did. I suggested you search for RPi4 instructions (as close as you are going to find for an RPi400) and provided a sample link. Otherwise, if you search for RPi400 you’ll discover your own post is the only result (so far).


Out of curiosity, why have you chosen to use an RPi400 instead of the more commonly used (for Home Assistant) RPi4? Most users run it headless so there’s little need for an integrated keyboard.

The main reason are :
- a one in all solution
- No overheat problems as to user tests can thus be left in the rack no problem
- Fanless operation no noise
- Display via a hdmi output ( switchable with other items in rack that use hdmi out)
- Can be removed from rack and still run everything trough wifi with battery if required
- Used for Home Assistant OS only ( see I learn your suggestion )
- Nice look and compact
- No requirement for a dev board only question open is will it take :
POE & Multitask with other pi in the net should be feasible as it is a linux kernel
- You can even take it to an other location with no problem and when the multiboot is solved for SSD run several OS on it if you want to play some without distroying your Home Assistend OS Config

Support for this board has been added in latest Home Assistant OS 5.6 beta:

Please note that this is currently a beta so you may encounter issues.

Also note that there is no web server window server in Home Assistant. If you connect a HDMI display on the Pi400 you won’t be able to display Home Assistant fronted. You will only see a console access.

I think you mean “no window server”

Afaik the main bottleneck of PI is the SD Card. This is the same on the 400.
I’d go for a cheap intel NUC with SSD or something similar.

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Hi mw2, I read your question about running hassio on a pi400 and was wondering if you could solve the problem. I’m a newbie as well and till now i’ve been trying to get is to work on the pi but have no idea how to do it.
Do you ?

Hope to hear form you soon

Best regards

Peter Maes