Raspberry’s external ssd not working anymore


I have an external ssd via usb connected to my pi and booting from ssd. The external ssd had already a usb connection which from time to time was not working. I can still connect ssd to laptop and have connection. Can I copy the data to another ssd and would that work? Or would that one not be recognized?

Without detailed debug logs there is no way to answer your questions.

Without Linux sysadmin experience (e.g. explore the partition table, fsck on all partitions, check TRIM, check logs), a reformat is the simplest fix.

If you have a suspect SSD or uSD, the typical advice is to:

  • Take a full backup of HASS and move the backup to a separate device. Do this more than once to make sure you have at least one good backup available.
  • Reimage the suspect media, such as using the Raspberry Pi Imager tool (HASSOS can be selelcted and installed directly)
  • Restore from the backup

The SSD may have hardware issues, it may be being hammered by non-standard database logging settings, you may have power supply issues - again, there is no easy way to tell (perhaps install the RPi Power Supply checker integration).

I am just looking to replace the ssd, since I know very sure the cable/connector is the issue. Copying the data from the old ssd to new ssd and giving the drive the same name would not work? Or are there indeed most likely multiple partitions created?

HASSOS creates tens of partitions - backup, reimage and restore is MUCH less error prone, even with sysadmin skills and a tool like Gnu Parted :mage:t2:.

Here’s a list of just the user data partitions (not including the OS):

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ok so yes being stupid and not having a backup on any other place than on the faulty SSD, is there any way to make a backup of the SSD when hooked to a laptop? Or am I best of to try as much as possible to wiggle with the msata to usb cable to have the ssd working when in raspberry. When that one is running again make a backup and copy that backup and startover with fresh ssd, restore backup???

Thank you already so far!!

I am a bit confused. You mentioned this…

I can still connect ssd to laptop and have connection.

If the ssd works on a laptop is it possible the issue is not the ssd at all but the other system?

If I wiggle the connector when in laptop it makes connection. If connected to the pi and booting up the pi it will only work when correctly connected at power on. Wiggling the connector after power on will not result in recognizing and using the ssd. Therefore it is wiggling the connector powering on pi, not working, power off, wiggling again, power on, yes working don’t touch anything anymore :slight_smile:

Is the cable you are wiggling replaceable instead of replacing the entire ssd? Sorry I use a docker install on a pc and don’t have this issue, but I have used a few ssd’s.

Cable msata to usb costs almost as much as a new ssd and not sure if it would help. Seems to be the connector going into the ssd.

The easiest data recovery process is to use the Raspberry Pi you have to access Linux disk partitions, rather than to use a Wintel PC.

  • Create a seperate RPiOS SD card using the Raspberry Pi Imager tool with the desktop version
  • Boot the RPi with the SD card, display, keyboard
  • Plug the USB SSD carrier into the RPi
  • The partitions should mount and appear in file manager
  • Look through the partitions for *.tar files - likely in /backups, and *.yaml likely in /config for a rebuild.
  • Copy what you can to a separate storage device.

Recover what you can, rebuild, restore and use this as a lesson in the importance of backups! :boom: :hammer: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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To share, finally received micro hdmi to hdmi cable and have it sort of working again. In the end the original ssd says no bootable partition, don’t know why

-microsd with raspbian installed
-new ssd with hassio image on it
-booted sd without ssd’s
-after boot connected both ssd’s
-tried copying from one ssd to the other but access problem so at least took a backup tar from it
-new ssd started and restored backup

Still missing add ons which I had to reinstall manually. Which I am accepting and already almost done with.

And yes, already addon installed and running for first time to have a complete backup to google drive :slight_smile:
Thanks all