RaspiPool. A DIY Swimming Pool Automation System

I saw that. Good to know.

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do you have a calculator that gives the free Chlorine values from PH and ORP measurements?
I use the below chart but thats a terrible manual work. I need some calculator.

If there is one thing computers are good at, its looking up tables of data.

Did anyone figure out the ESPhome route and the WiFi pool kit? Very interested in this option, but I’m not following all the connections on this one yet.

I think this covers it Swimming Pool Chemical Dispenser

Any progress here? I found on GitHub a few pull requests that do what I believe we’re looking for, but I can’t seem to get it flashed onto my esphome device (Atlas Scientific Hydroponics and Aquaponics Kit for me, but I know it would work with the pool calibration too) due to errors.

This is the one that’s been tested with esp32 so it’s the one I want to use the most:

This one is open, but has no files to flash: Pull request 1179

It references this pull request that pretty much accomplishes the same thing as the other one, but it’s based on esp8266 devices:

I’d really love to stay in Home Assistant and ESPHome specifically to run everything without having to figure out Tasmota or Thingspeak integration via MQTT.

Thank you very much for taking the time and helping all us out!

I think I will just go for MQTT since I have several other sensors around the house

FWIW, in case anyone lands here trying to automate a pool, I created an integration for the Poolstation platform used by some smart chlorinators by Idegis, Astral Pool and a few others.

I’m trying to get it into home assistant core itself but for now it can be installed with hacs.


If you’ve got a Regal/Jandy/Pentair/Hayward variable seed pump but no control system this driver might be of use.

Are these PH probes pretty reliable or do they need pretty frequent replacing? I’ve been wanting to add one but all the info I’ve read says they need frequent replacement when used in this manner. Any real world experience here?

This is probably a simple plumbing rule that I am unaware of… why is the bypass before and after the pump vs being entirely after the pump? Wouldn’t before and after the pump cause water to skip the pump altogether?

@segalion, tried to follow the instructions you provided and can not get the HA to run correctly. Can you assist with install instructions.

We are having issues with step 3 of your instructions.



are we still working on the project? is it error-free?

You can find this calculator produces numbers close to the posted table: GitHub - mzakharo/tubby: Hot Tub Water Quality Sensor

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I am looking to incorporate this solution for my pool setup as well. BUT I am looking to measure and maintain copper ion residual, calcium, phosphates. Are there sensors available which are easy to integrate?