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I need to create actions (like, TV on) basis UDP commands that are issued from a 3rd party system to HA.

I have successfully setup outgoing UDP commands (so HA sends UDP to an IP address) however I am struggling to set this up the other way around.

I have read that TCP sensors exist, but I don’t want to “monitor” a sensor, I need to have a port continually listening for UDP and then HA responds to these commands instantaneously.

Any ideas?


Outgoing is easy. You don’t have to bind to a port.

TCP is slightly easier because the protocol will negotiate the session for you, and HA can initiate it.

Being able to parse random UDP message is going to require a custom application.

You can give this a shot:

But I can’t confirm how well it works.

Otherwise, you can write a quick python app that listens for udp events and sends the events via the RESTApi to home assistant. This would be a little app that just runs along side your HA instance (or on any remote PC if you wanted).

Thanks for this.

So would using TCP make this easier? The 3rd party device can initiate TCP sessions and then send messages.

Is there any way to do this without a 3rd party app?


That udp integration is just a custom. You basically copy the entire folder to one at /homeassistant/custom_integration and reload and BAM, you have it and can use it like any other…assuming it’s up to date lol.

Yeah, TCP would be easier because there is already a supported TCP integration.

FWIW, if your system already has Node-Red installed, you can use Node-Red’s UDP node to receive data and consume it in Home Assistant. If you don’t have Node-Red installed, as mentioned by jocnnor, receiving via TCP is simpler and only requires the TCP integration.

If you believe there ought to be a native UDP integration, you can cast your vote here:

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