Recent changes break zha_event + click_type automations?

Hi all - I’ve pressed the emergency button sorry.

Until 114.4, I’ve had zha_events firing off actions - eg. Aqara button opening the garage door (via wemo). Something has broken these Aqara switches and also the mains powered Nue scene switches - the similarity is none of these create entities when added, and instead require listening for zha_events. I can see these events come through, and the unique_id is correct. Everything works fine in 114.3.

I apologise in advance if I’ve missed something obvious in an update but I can’t find anyything in release docs for the life of me… :frowning:

Automations work if manually ‘executed’, and this is an example of one that doesnt work:

Trigger type: Event
Event Type: ZHA Event
Event data:
click_type: single
unique_id: ‘00:12:4b:00:1b:a3:bc:ce:1:0x0006’

Any help or poking fun at me for something stupid if deserved is more than welcome :crazy_face:

EDIT: I’m running a HUSBZB-1 and the inbuilt ZHA component.

I have similar experiences with deconz_event. I opened an issue of it a week ago. Please be free to comment there to help the devs to be aware.

Thanks mate - I’ve added onto your issue. Can definitely confirm that 114.3 works fine - 114.4+ does not.

The answer lies somewhere between those releases I think…

What software are you using? Deconz or something else?

No software - Home assistant with the ZHA component. Working wonderfully… until now.

This is my situation. I am curious if you experience the same.

BTW be sure to check all your devices if they are seen with zha_event

I can see the events fine - seems perhaps a different scenario. I have recovered the ability to use the Aqara button automations by adding in another trigger which seems to be a new addition: Select actual Trigger type: Device
Device: (Aqara button friendly name)
Trigger: "remote_button_short_press" button pressed

This is not an option for the Nue mains powered switches - they only have a battery option selectable, so I still can’t use them again. Might be a zigpy or shepherd type thing perhaps…?

So to be certain I understand. You say that you get events, but only your Automations got broken?

It seems that way yes. Only automations from devices that require to listen for the specific zha_event

I understand now. So another problem. I do my automations in Node-RED, so I am not able to help in this matter. Good luck!

I’ve finally found a fix… :partying_face:

Where previous to 114.4, this trigger on an automation would work:

Trigger type: Event
Event Type: ZHA Event
Event data:
click_type: single
unique_id: ‘00:12:4a:00:1b:a3:bc:ce:1:0x0006’

From 114.4 the following data works:

Trigger type: Event
Event Type: ZHA Event
Event data:
device_ieee: ‘00:12:4a:00:1b:a3:bc:ce’
endpoint_id: 1
cluster_id: 6
command: 'on'

So it seems that something did change - perhaps to also do with the apparent major breaking change of not being able to use entity_id in templates perhaps, as this is the only change I have been able to find that might correlate? (

The only downside is I now have to also add a duplicate trigger with an ‘off’ too so it works as a toggle like the previous ‘click’ event would (but perhaps there’s a better way?). I also assume that because these Nue branded devices don’t have specific quirks/device handlers, there’s no extra functions aside from ‘offline’ to be chosen.

But the WAF is certainly on the rise again … :pouting_woman:

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