Recommendation needed for siren

Morning all,

I’m just getting my mum an automation system and she wants me to do something involving an alarm.

My partner bought me an aeotech siren for last Christmas but not currently supported so I was wondering if anyone can recommend a siren thats not too expensive available in the UK that will work with HASS please?

This works bizar well with the OZW addon:

what hub / communication protocols do you already have in place? That would help narrow down suggestions.
I personally use 433MHz sirens via an RFXCom RFXTrx433 and it works great.
I followed this post for inspiration:

I just fitted the sirens in Yale dummy boxes so it looks more real / genuine.
I use a cheap Fire HD 8 running fully kiosk browser as a keypad (with the added benefit of using its front camera as CCTV)