Recommendation to add RGB light to this bookcase for each section?

I am not sure if this is the best place to ask this, but thought I might ask:
I am buying this bookcase:

I want add RGB lights so that each “section” can be controlled (ON/OFF, color, brightness) individually.
But also a main general control if I want all of it to be the same at some point (turn it OFF and ON, etc)

I think RGB LED strings that are run end to end on each “floor” will be the best physically, but I am not sure how to divide one string in sections to do what I imagine.

Take a look at this thread, I’ve linked to a previous post that I have made that includes the light setup.

I have a similar setup with an Ikea Kallax unit with only 4 sections, been working for some time now.

thanks! very cool

What happened to the link? I was keen to see it…

Don’t know, it was here 5 minutes ago!