Recommended IP Cams for Home and outdoor usage with HA?

I had similar issues when trying to run just my four older cameras over WiFi. To solve I bought some tp link power line Ethernet adapters. No problems with connectivity anymore. The only camera connected wirelessly now is the deck camera.

Silvrr makes a very good point about what your network can handle. If you do go for wireless cameras you need to ensure your network is up to the task. Perhaps consider mesh wireless with backhaul (each wireless point connected to ethernet) in that case.

In my opinion, it’s hard to get great quality streaming video with wireless cameras. You might get decent resolution, but may have sacrifice on your frames-per-second rate. AND… you might saturate your wireless network, which could affect your WAF (wife approval factor). :wink:

I went with Reolink RLC-410 (hardwired power-over-ethernet) cameras all around and the quality is outstanding. And for $100 (Canadian), the quality is quite impressive. There is however, the additional cost of a POE switch (or POE injectors) and the hassle of running wires. In my opinion, the reliability and speed of the streaming makes it worth it.

that’s why i went with the power line adapters. i just use them for my cameras and then as long as you have a power outlet to supply your camera you don’t need to run any additional wiring.

About interfacing them with HAss, any camera with an RTSP interface will be OK.

Then you can get HAss to run for example ffmpeg to capture videos

I personally use motioneye for the long-term recording, also using RTSP to get the video from the camera.

I intend to lay out a Cat6 Giga lan network in the house, so bandwidth will not be an issue - but it is a fair point not to rely on wifi to avoid saturating it.

This is great find! Thanks, will do that for outdoors.
Sadly the Amcrest IP2M-841 does not have POE :frowning:
Any other recommendations with similar quality/price that would have POE?
Would be preferable to doing another power cable into the ceiling…

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