Reed Door Sensor (battery powered ESP32 with esphome(yaml))

Hi. When the door changes its state from closed to open while the ESP is in deep sleep, how long does it take the ESP to wake-up and report the state to HA? I’m currently implementing a battery powered solution but timing is critical in my situtation. Thanks!

I’d say less than 5 seconds. But my wifi AP is next to the door.

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hi i understand, is the 18650 the reed relay and the esp32 enough? is the voltage of the 18650 enough for ESP?

Sorry. I don’t get it. What are you asking?

The ESP32 works fine with the battery, the voltage is regulated.

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what PIN where connect? Can you take a photo from this? Sorry my bad english :slight_smile:

how is voltage regulated? Do you use a dc-dc converter?

Most ESP32 boards have a VIN pin which will accept a range of voltages and regulate that to 3.3V. What board do you have?

Note that the VIN normally requires at least 6V.

There are some boards (ESP32 Thing for instance) that happily accept 3.7 volts on a dedicated LiPo input.

I have a espressif esp32-wroom-32