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Refactored Honeywell evohome custom_component (EU-only)


@zxdavb no problem! There are a lot more important things then HomeAssistant :wink:
I have asked it at HA Dev Channel, they say it’s not possible…


@zxdavb - I’ve come across a small issue which I’m not sure if its because I’m doing something wrong or not. I switch an individual zone whilst a roof vent is opened for a period of time by calling;

  - service: climate.turn_off
    entity_id: climate.gym

This works and sets the zone to 5degree

When the roof vent is closed (after a set time period). The reverse is called;

  - service: climate.turn_on
    entity_id: climate.gym

But it doesn’t work. When I try executing using the developer services tool, I get the error message “Failed to call service climate/turn_on. cancel_temp_override() takes one positional argument, but two were given.” Any Ideas?


The good news is that I am getting the same error - so watch this space.


The bug has been identified, and a fix has been pushed as 1.1.9 - let me know how you get on.


Thanks afgani for your great effort.
What’s about the less log Messages?!


@zxdav Yep, that has fixed the issue. Brilliant and thanks.


version 1.2.1 being pushed shortly - only change is it uses the newest evohome-client, which has had some bug fixes


Anyone who uses DHW, or high_precision temperatures, would you like to try this refactor of the custom component?

It provides high-precision temps for DHW, and should be much more tolerant of API rate limits. This is the basis for a future version that will looks to save state between restarts of HA.

Easiest way is to be using custom_updater, and have the following in your configuration.yaml:

  hide_sensor: true
    - components
    - cards
#   - https://raw.githubusercontent.com/zxdavb/evohome/master/custom_components.json
    - https://raw.githubusercontent.com/zxdavb/evohome/v1.4.5/custom_components.json

@jarrah ?


Hey all - anyone else getting a warning about the climate._home entity needing renaming?


I don’t think the latest version of evohome/HA gives this message any more? Can you provide the actual text of the message?

Latest ‘released’ version of custom component is 1.2.1:

Latest version of HA is 0.90.2:


Aah I’m on 0.90.1 - let me update and check if it still shows up :+1:


There is a new version, v1.4.5. It has a few changes, and leverages the newest client library:

  1. code tidy-up
  2. much less logging
  3. more tolerant of API rate limits, especially with v1 api calls
  4. sets groundwork for resuming state between HA restarts (to stop blowing API rate limits)
  5. high-precision (to 0.05) temps for DHW
  6. ultra-high precision (to 0.01) option is available via sensors
  7. much better exception handling / error messages
  8. DHW shows current temp as target temp workaround

This post shows how to try it - I will push it to master if there are no complaints: Refactored Honeywell evohome custom_component (EU-only)


Ah sorry, missed this. I will try it out today and report back. Thank you very much!


v1.4.9 released to master. Those using custom_components.json (recommended) can update automatically.


For HA v0.92+, see:

It will eventually be merged into master.


Hey @zxdavb, did you ever get around to pulling that HGI80 out of the box? I’d love to eventually move over to a local solution.


Sorry, this project is on hold until I finish the other projects I am actively working on.

I would be planning to have something in place before next Winter though.


That would be awesome. Thanks for the update!


Hi all, sorry for bothering you but I searched around this forum without finding a response.

This custom component allows using the evohome system as Local?

Because looking at the recent closure of nest’s API I’m a bit scared of cloud solution.

Thank you all in advance.


That was the question I just asked about the HGI80 (which would be the local solution). He said he’d try before next winter… But you’d have to buy a HGI80. For now, cloud only…

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