Regular text in a card?

Hey, I want to create a card on my HA that says:

Monday - blabla
Tuesday - blabla … and so on.

What is the easiest way to get this done?
I dont want someone to be enable to change the text from the app. Thanks

Ok. I can’t get this to work…
I created the .html file in www/custom_ui/.
Then I dont know what I should enter in customize.yaml?
Do I need to add something more in another file?

I’m so frustrated, everyone that “explains” stuff like this assume that you are knowledgeable.

EDIT: Now I did exacly as they say at
Still nothing comes up?

are you refreshing your browser? CTRL+F5 clears cache and refreshes your browser. This is required when updating and changing HTML interfaces. After you make a change, the page needs to be reloaded and the cache needs to be cleared between reloading so that it can grab the changes.

Does not help. I dont even see anything new in entities list.
I’m not doing it right. They are talking about a sensor or something in the thread you linked.

“And I added the customize: of the sensor, with custom_ui_state_card: value_only”
What sensor are they talking about??

its not going to be a new entity, its going to have a new state card in the ui. You need to create the text in order to display it. Are you creating the text? Whats populating the Monday - blah blah, tuesday - blah blah?

What do you mean with populating?

Where are you getting your reminders?

Nowhere, I want it to be the same text everyday of the year. But the text should say monday - blabla and so on.

There is no easy way to do that. Your best option is to create a template sensor for each day which will be limited to ~250 characters. Then use that custom-card to display the template sensor. Here is the documents for template sensor:

Put all your text in the value_template field, then combine it with the custom state card from the previous comment.

You can display a read-only one-liner text in a card:

  1. Create a Text Input Helper (field) to hold the value in question, in HA UI > Settings > Devices & services > Helpers
  2. Add this field’s entity to the desired HA dashboard’s Entities Card. The field will be editable - which I understand you don’t want.
  3. Edit the Entities Card in YAML, and add type: simple-entity option for your above entity’s’ object, as per Entities Card - Home Assistant - the type: simple-entity will make the field read-only in the card.