Relevant which is the master?

Question from complete beginner.
I bought an Aeotec ZStick Gen5 to talk to my ZWave devices, and I’ve followed its manual using it to add include my new devices. They pop up in the hass gui.
However, in th hass manual it wants me to use the zwave interface within the gui to include devices.

Is there any difference whether I choose one way or the other? I’m in the beginnning of my setup, so I’d like to get it right the first time.


Should work either way. Including devices via the physical button (I assume you are using that?) or via “Add Node” button in the Zwave panel does the same thing: adding the device to the ZWave network. I don’t believe there is a difference between the two.

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Ok, thanks.
Does that mean that it’s irrelevenat which of the two I use at any time?
Is the information is stored both in hass and in the zstick?
I struggle to find a settings file containing the relevant info in my configuration folder.

the zwcfg****.xml file has your devices. When you unplug the Z-stick to include devices, you need to restart HA for it to read those discovered devices into HA, just like if you included them using HA…

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There is no difference between inclusion using the button on Z-Stick and including the node through the Z-Wave panel using add_node in HASS. Both methods will result in an unencrypted inclusion of the node.

If your device supports the Security CC (Security S0) it’s recommended to set an encryption key in options.xml and perform a secure inclusion using the add_node_secure service under the Z-Wave domain or in OZWCP. This requires Z-Stick to be plugged to the relevant hardware as the Z-Stick itself does not store the key.

Adding Security Devices to OZW:

HASS documentation - Add security devices

A couple of my responses from another thread:

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