Reliable replacement for Conbee

Hi all,
I had first the Raspbee but it died after one year.
Then I moved to Combee 2 but after some months it is just died too.
Now I have to replace it again. OK I could go claiming my warranty but I’m wondering how long it is gonna be lasting this time.
So I’m thinking if there could be another solution to replace it.
My need are to integrate some INNR plugs and it would be nice that it could be possible integrate some Xiaomi flood and movement sensors too.
Do you have any recommendation?
Thanks a lot

Please be aware, than any stick aside Conbee/Raspbee will require re-pairing your devices.

I recently moved to Zigbee2mqtt with TI LAUNCHXL-CC1352P-2, it’s really working flawlessly.
I hooked it up via POE and eth2serial adapter, making the Zigbee gateway physically independent from your HA server.
Price may be a bit steep compared to the conbee stick, but it feels like this hardware going to last for long.
I could recommend this to you.

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I already re-paired my device once. I just hope to not to do this no too often.
Anyway another Conbee will require the same I suppose.

I read that people prefer CC1352P-2 instead of CC26X2R1 because its own RF amplifier even it’s a little more expensive.
I tried in the past zigbee2mqtt but the RF coverage, compared to Raspbee/Conbee was ridicoulus. I used CC2530 + CC2591.
Do you think that it could be better?

So I’m particularly looking at range extension.
Should I go with a recommended zzh or should I prefer a CC1352P-2?

One is a software, the other is hardware. You can use Zigbee2MQTT with Conbee/Raspbee II.

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You should take a look at Zigbee router on steroids?

I have one of his routers already and a coordinator (the CC2652P2 model) and another router on the way. So far, the router @tube0013 produces has been excellent in my usage.


I have the tube router as well and it has allowed me to remove 3 of my Iris Outlets that served no purpose other than routing. I would have definitely purchased the coordinator if I didn’t just redo my entire mesh with a Conbee2.