Remote access via Home-assistant Cloud

Hi all, I have had endless headaches enabling secure remote access to my HASS with SSL, open ports etc. I can’t see remote access mentioned in the blog post on HA Cloud so would like to know if remote access is possible via HA Cloud? I typically use the iOS app on my iphone to view the HASS front-end.

PS perhaps there should now be a Cloud category on the forum.

They mentioned this in the podcast introducing .6 and HA Cloud. Sounds like it is a future idea at this stage only, and there was mention of the large amount of data involved which would be a hurdle. That said, the need for a solution to help us less technical types not have to open firewall ports, etc. is in their minds.

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Remote access via tor is almost trivial, requires no open ports. 15 minutes setup


I’ve been meaning to try out Tor and dump DuckDNS/Let’s Encrypt. For those of us on there’s a nice add-on as well:

It works well. I added stealth mode for extra security. I don’t know if that is available for but I think it is worth the inclusion.

Stealth mode is supported by the add-on listed above

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