Remove iCloud tracking due to battery drain - how?

I’ve added in iCloud as a device tracker for my phone and my wife’s phone. After ignoring the battery drain warnings on the iCloud component page, I’m regretting using this as my location tracker because my batterty has been plummeting over the last few days. How do I break the connect/remove the access between iCloud and HA? I don’t see anything in the iCloud settings.

Is it still working if you remove the iCloud entry from your configuration.yaml file?

It doesn’t show up on the entities list after removing the iCloud platform, but I wasn’t sure if iCloud itself would continue to poll my device. Maybe it is really that simple? It’s not immediately apparent is the battery drain is still an issue after removing from the HA config.

Sorry to bring this thread up after a while but I’m also interested in confirming HA isn’t polling information from my iCloud. The behaviour I’m experiencing indicates that something is still active behind the scenes, as I just enabled bluetooth tracking (and only bluetooth tracking) and HA knows where my phone and my macbook air are located, and even where my gps coordinates are. I even whent to icloud and made sure all the existing connections were terminated, and I even removed my password from the secrets file.

Can anybody shed some light on this?

many thanks

I use this custom to control polling