Remove multiple devices


I have a smoke detector which is connected via the RFXCom integration which created more than 250 devices, is it possible to delete multiple devices?




Same problem since a few months

and still no solution

Same problem. I have 710 Devices to delete. A year ago there was a delete option., but not now

Same issue, i have +400 devices to remove

I have the same issue, tried to remove by removing all entities from core.device_registry and core.entity_registry and core.restore_state. but they get restored once home assistant starts again.

And i have over 1500 devices and 6700 entities, most are the smoke detektor my neighbour has.

I wish there was a way to remove these easily


Upping the message. Same here, any chance to delete in batch ?

I have a whopping 15989 Apple Continuity devices…

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same here… you have bluetooth on as well I assume?

Still no way to delete many devices easily?

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Welcome to device hell:


Have you solved that? My Mosquitto Brokers is flooded with thousands of Apple Continuity devices from TheengsGateway BLEtoMQTT. I don’t know how to get rid off them!

I’m also looking for a way to delete multiple devices…

Me to. 3524 devices and 13830 rfxcom entities.
I use only 20 I think.

There is a feature request you can vote on here: WTH Can’t I mass-delete (non-existent) devices?