Reolink Argus 2 Camera Integrated to HA

Very interested in this.
I add that reolink argus 2 can stream to amazon echo show… so in some way it’s possible :wink:

Any updates regarding Reolink battery powered integration?

anybody? reolink argus 3 waiting to be connected to home assistant :slight_smile:

same! lol oh well, its better and Arlo so far

I found a solution that works with the Reolink Argus Eco model, I don’t see why it can’t work with other similar models, but I only own that one.

I am certainly no expert, but thanks to the “neolink” project and a bit of trial and error, I finally have home assistant integration that works like “normal cameras” that are not battery powered.


I basically downloaded and enabled neolink on the debian machine that hosts my home assistant installation. Neolink takes care of “comunication” with the camera via reolink’s udp protocol and returns an rtsp stream that is compatible with home assistant.

There are of course limitations.
I do not have access to camera information such as remaining battery or events triggered by motion or loud noises, but I can see the camera via home assistant without uploading anything to the reolink cloud.

I configured cron to start neolink after the system reboot.
Once everything works just configure the integration like this:

In my case of course, home assistant instance is on ip, while the camera was configured via neolink on with the name “gioco”.
Remember (but it is clearly written in the noelink configuration file) that instead of the camera address you must specify the camera ID for battery-powered cameras.

I have no idea how “efficient” this utilization is, how long the battery can last when the solar panel is not producing, but as far as the server is concerned, I see the utilization of a single core at 2.5\2.8 percent top for neolink.

I hope this will be helpful to others in my same situation.


Very interesting. Seems to be the only way (certain detour but hey, if it’s working…) to integrate those battery powered Reolink cameras.

Only (first) question is: how to run Neolink on a machine (Raspberry Pi) running Home Assistant OS (HA OS)?

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I’m not following the question @e-raser. The instructions on installation and configuration are apart of the readme file on the neolink’s github repo.

You probably won’t be able to run neolink on the same machine that Home Assistant is running. You’ll have to run it on a different machine with Linux or Windows as the OS OR use docker to setup it up.

Realized that shortly after posting. Taking into account a second machine is needed unfortunately was a red line (next to the basic enormous workaround). In the end I simply switched to powered Reolink cameras.

Running Neolink unfortunately simply is “a bit to complicated”. The root cause for this is Reolinks bad design decision for their battery powered devices. So it’s great to have Neolink as an option, but I would really love to see it as an addon for HA OS. That would for sure massively increase the amount of (interested or actual) users of Neolink. /two cents over :slight_smile:

@e-raser What issues did you face when trying to run neolink on a battery-powered Reolink? I have the battery-powered Argus 2 and want to find a way to get a motion trigger from the Reolink to HA. Please share the “complications” you faced?

Thank you

They simply can not be integrated as they don’t offer the needed technical stuff as the powered ones do.

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Thanks for the tutorial. I am close to the goal. But how exactly does the Neonlink configuration look like with you? Stream seems to be stable with me, but can not connect.

I finally found the configuration after a long time of testing:

bind = "Home Assistans IP
bind_port = 8555
name = “ArgusPT4MP”
username = “admin”
password = “password”
uid = “UID from Reolink”

And in the Home Assistant under the integrations the following:

But what must be the command on the Raspberry (cron) so that it restarts after a reboot?

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Anyone know if 2023 HA updates for Reolink by @starkillerOG will support these battery powered cams?

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No it will not support battery powered cams.
Unfortunetely battery powered cams are lacking the HTTP(S) API that my HA integration uses to communicate with the camera.
You could ask Reolink customer support to add the HTTP(S) API to the firmware of the Reolink Argus 2.

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For those who are looking for a solution with Reolink battery-powered cameras, I use the neolink addon for local network and remote cameras :

…which is only interesting or needed for those powered cams which don’t provide RTSP streams, right? I have e. g. an E1 Zoom integrated with just using the Reolink integration (still the custom one but will switch to the official one shortly).

So using Neolink seems in general to be a solution for corner cases - if I got this right.

Yes, you got this right. This is only valid for cameras without rtsp available :
battery-powered cameras, cameras in the NVR kits, E1 and Lumus.
The rtsp is available in the E1 pro and E1 Zoom cameras, these could be directly integrated.


I thought battery powered are out of scope for this? Or did your former post miss the „battery“ here?

When battery powered Reolink cameras are supported that would possibly be a game changer, wouldn’t it? So please let‘s be precise :slight_smile:

Ok, i did some change in my post but E1 is not a battery-powered and rtsp is not avaible for this camera
To be clear: all Reolink cameras withour rtsp.
This includes : battery-powered cameras, cameras in the NVR kits, E1 and Lumus.

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