Repeating alarms by specific weekdays

Hi guys!

I‘m having trouble with an automation.

I’d like to have an automation only on specific weekdays. Setting this up manually is no problem, but I want to get the correct days by sending them to the API.

So there are two questions:

  1. Which parameters do I need in the API request since this isn’t a normal date or time but an array of weekdays (formatted as the automation desires it: mon, tue, sat, …)?

  2. How can I use the sent days in the automation?
    The automation would look like this I guess:

  - platform: time
   at: input_datetime.workday_alarm
  - condition: time
      - mon
      - thu
      - sat

But I think I need to temptations this, right?

Not sure what “API” you’re talking about, but maybe the “workday” integration would help you

Thank you for your answer. I know that sensor, but that’s also a hardcoded repetition. I mean the API used here: [Feature request] Add 'next_alarm' as entity in Home Assistant - #6 by WiiiLDFARMER

I was hoping I am able to store the data from the API request and use them in automations.