[Request] HA Integrated with USPS Informed Delievery, UPS Package Delivery, and FedEx

Imagine being able to see every package that’s arriving from the major mail carriers right on your Home Assistant Dashboard!

That’s what I’m requesting.

With USPS’s Informed Delivery, you could see pictures of every mailpiece that you will receive in the mail that day.

With an integrated UPS account, you could see every package that is scheduled to arrive at your address that day (same for FedEx).

I believe that this would be an incredible addition to Home Assistant.

What do you all think?

I was going to state the same.
The search function is a powerful tool.
I did not include the picture of the mail but that is pulled right from your Informed Delivery email.

I managed to get everything working, but I do have a follow-up question. How did you manage to setup the logo’s of the mailcarriers with the number of packages being delivered just below it?


Link to the post that I used to do it. In that post is the link to the icons.

We’ve included the icons in the repo as well if I recall :wink: