Restart HASS

Are you putting Dockerfile, config.json, and in the addons/hello_world/ folder?

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@NotoriousBDG Yes. Here’s a shot.


Hrm. Not sure if it matters, but can you verify line endings on the files are Unix style?

Just simple LF on each line. Appreciate your helping with this!

Hey everyone!
I am completely new to Home-Assistant and Hassio. Recently installed a new Raspberry Pi3 with the Hassio image. Tried setting up my first sensor from YR and performed the check before hitting restart. Now nothing happens and I cant access the GUI any more. Since I only added the SSH add-on but havent configured any keys, I assume I have to pull the plug to restart? However, I am curios why it wont restart?

Big mistake that I learnt the hard way, set up SSH and make sure it’s working BEFORE you do anything else. You don’t have to use keys, you can use a good old fashioned password instead to get going in seconds. The option’s there in the config.

In my old install I had a script to restart Home Assistant that looked like this:

    alias: Restart HomeAssistant
      - alias: Restart HA
        service: homeassistant.restart

I used that to create a restart button. It doesn’t seem to be working in Is there a service I can call to replace this restart?

I too need auto restart.
How to setup daily restart of hassio at night or like after 6hrs from sunset ?

Hi, first post very new to HASSIO so take it easy on me, I wrote an automation script as follows, which works fine for me:

Restart HASSIO at 3am each morning

  • alias: Restart HASSIO
    platform: time
    at: 03:00:00
    • service: homeassistant.restart

This is why home assistant is still far away than then leaders (inferiors)… nothing works out of the box… always a pain…

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You are both necro posting and wrong. My home assistant works 24/7. Updates always work. Restarts always work.

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Me too. Super stable when set up properly.

sure… then out the blue all your automatons are gone… wait a minute… this should be all about automation…