Restarting DeConz - motion sensors are always detected

This evening i “moved” some Aqara motion sensors, Aqara weather sensor, Ikea 806lm bulb and a Ikea signal repeater. Everything paired quickly without trouble.
Want to do the migration in steps to see how it goes.
Thank you for the firmware tips, but the store said that it comes pre-flashed with Z-Stack 3.0 Coordinator Firmware.
I have tried Zigbee2mqtt before, using a CC2531 dongle from China that i flashed with a Texas Instruments programmer. It worked ok, but now i wanted to test ZHA as it is “built-in” in HA.

Today this happened for the first time in my installation. I had to restart my proxmox and with it home assistant and everything, and since then my motion sensor shows permanent motion. I have had many restarts before and this never happened.

So this must be an old Deconz bug that pops up occasionally for no apparent reason, and it will probably never get fixed.

Additionally they are also introducing new bugs (like the transitions suddenly not working anymore) and nobody of their devs can even remember having changed anything (although one can pinpoint the version number where it stopped working) and nobody seems to care.

I guess Deconz is nearing the end of its useful life. Almost nobody seems to use it anymore, not even the Deconz devs themselves, otherwise they would have noticed these bugs already.

Time to move on to Z2M.

What Deconz release is the addon at now? (I run Deconz on bare metal).

The latest beta has some fixing included related to this

See 2.21.1-beta on

I have addon 6.18.0
which contains DeConz 2.20.1

I’m going to wait for the next release to give it one more try.

And if it still has the same problems I am going to buy the sonoff dongle (because the conbee is said to be buggy and unreliable with anything other than Deconz) and then move everything to z2m.

I already have that sonoff and similar thoughts. But more because of the support for more devices. But my Deconz is pretty stable at the moment. And it is a huge job to change all automations because there are some unique features of the different zigbee platforms like transitions / dimming up and down / and group handling - that will require a lot of work and time. I would need my wife on a trip for a few days to give me the calm to change. It is huge to change this

Transitions (especially fade-out) are currently broken in Deconz anyway (since the latest addon upgrade), so I will either still not have transitions (and continue to use my programmatic workaround) when switching to z2m or it will become better.

@KennethLavrsen - I sympathize with you; it’s never easy when there are other people involved. :slightly_smiling_face: Just do it and ask for forgiveness later.