Restore backup from Google Drive add-on not working

Hello smart people!

I am trying to restore HA Supervised from a backup using the Google Drive add-on.

After a crash, I reinstalled HA and added the Google Drive backup-addon. I can se my current snapshots and I have selected Restore everything. After pressing that button, I loose the connection to HA and then nothing more is happening.

What am I doing wrong? Is there some other way to restore my system using a downloaded backup-file.

Edit: After following these instructions on how to set up HA supervised, I can access my system and then I can also add the Gdrive backup ad-on. But from there, the procedure is as described above.

Can you access the logs to see if there is any clue why it is failing?

I’m not quite sure how I do that.

Just for our future readers, would you like to give me a brief explanation (or perhaps point me in the right direction) of how to read the log files?

Well, it’s different depending on people’s individual setups, but in your case for a homeassistant supervised install…

You should be able to ssh into the machine that homeassistant is hosted on, then navigate to the directory that’s mapped to your containers’s /config (something like /srv/hassio/homeassistant - I forget the exact path and I’m not at home to check), and then view the homeassistant log file either in a text editor or by dumping it to the terminal with cat or less…


cat homeassistant.log

Did you also update or reinstall your Operating System as well? What shows if you run docker version from console?

If you get the version show as 20.10, you may be having the issue like many with an update to Docker 20.10 and you will need to follow the downgrade instructions.

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Thanks a lot for all the information.

Here are the steps to make your HA backup/restore work (for future readers):

  1. Wipe your entire docker installation. I am running Ubuntu 20.04 and here’s a guide for wiping Docker from Ubuntu.

  2. Reboot (not sure if I had to, but just to be sure).

  3. I followed this guide to Install Docker 19.03.

  4. When I was sure I was running Docker 19.03 I used this guide to install Home Assistant Supervised.

  5. Finally when I could log in to Home Assistant, I deleted and re-installed the Backup to Google Drive add-on, selected my backup and restored. After a restart, everything worked like it did before.

Note: I had to re-install all HACS add-ons.

I would suggest this step should be changed too, ‘Format your drive after taking a backup of all HA related files and snapshots, and install Debian 10 to avoid future and potentially ongoing issues with Ubuntu and HA Supervised’